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Company history

DBM Blending BV was established in 1992 by the current owner (Dr. W. Dorrepaal) when he took over a small toll manufacturer (De Bruijn Maasland). In 1998, DBM moved to the current premises in Moerdijk and has grown into a chemically-oriented company dedicated to producing products for third parties. DBM does not market its own products.

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Brief profile

Since its founding, DBM Blending has been producing chemical formulations and reaction products for customers in the industrial (toll manufacturing) market. Chemistry is central here and all products are tested for compliance with their specifications in DBM’s own laboratory.
Numerous raw materials are processed that are supplied in both bulk (road tankers) and in packaging. Process tanks (batch volumes from 100 – 20,000 litres) process these materials; total production capacity is 20,000 tonnes/year.

DBM professionally handles the risks associated with the widest range of chemical substances. This is inseparably linked to meeting legislation and regulations.

Since July 2016, we have been ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. You can receive copies of these certificates on request.